Osipos SOLUTIONS for your business

What do you need for your business?  The answer is simple.  Our OSIPOS Representatives are qualified/welcome the opportunity to personally evaluate your business scenario and design the perfect solution using OSIPOS software. They will also advise you on equipment requirements, networking components, right down to how many power points you should have under your counter and what point of sale stationery you need!

Where do you sit in your business and what can we do to help you?  Drawing from years of experience in business and the retail environment, we understand the issues you face on a daily basis and OSIPOS RMS has been designed to make your life easier.


Implementing Osipos RMS

Our experience is that every business IS UNIQUE and has DIFFERENT NEEDS.  So each one is individually considered – there is no mass production.  Our Representatives are fastidious in tailoring your requirements and then implementing the OSIPOS Retail Management System to your satisfaction.  This may not only involve the software, but encompass the whole picture including point of sale equipment, teamed with scheduled training and complimentary services

Support Hub

You will NEVER hear a droning recorded voice …. For support please press 2

We believe in true, personal support 24/7 provided by our WA Team and Representatives Australia-wide to help smooth the way when problems arise.  Help is available by remote dial-in or phone, on a contractual basis or pay-by-call. We will assist you and your staff through the simplest issues through to delicate investigations and resolve the problems for you

Being totally integrated our OSIPOS Team in WA and Representatives Australia-wide can support you in an emergency and design fast-recovery solutions to drastically reduce devastating downtime


We understand that some people like to be SHOWN rather than left to flounder with something unfamiliar and new.  So our Representatives are available to train you in all areas of the OSIPOSRMS no matter whether it takes just a few minutes or several hours.  Easy-to-read quick reference sheets are provided along with full user guides if that’s what you prefer with an independent training module for you to play to your heart’s content without destroying any “live” information

Ongoing training in new products is always available.  Just call or email your closest OSIPOS Representative

Envisage your Future

Where do you intend to be in 2 years, 10 years time? Where is life taking you now?

OSIPOS can effortlessly expand with your business plan and allow you to enjoy the lifestyle you really want.  We will help you build your business, streamline it, then you can RELAX, ride your horse, go fishing or spend more time with your family